Master of Orion 2 Downloads


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Official Patch :


Original patch by Microprose.


Un-Official Patches :


Written by Lord Brazen.

Fixes Tons of bugs in the dos version,

Check here for a complete list,

I always use it.


Moo2v1.4024b Source Code

Source code for the above patcher.


Utilities :


Written by me.

LBX and EXE editor for dos, win95 and 1.40.24+ versions.

Complete re-write of OCL_V021 by Dmitry Yulmukhametov's.

GUI program included.

Inspired by ,and added features from, Lord Brazen's oclplus.

Written in Visual Studio's 10,c++ in Windows 7 64.


oclplus v.03

Written by Lord Brazen.

LBX and EXE editor for dos and 1.40.24+ versions.



Written by Dmitry Yulmukhametov.

LBX and EXE editor for dos and win95 versions.


Editors :

Moo2 Saved Game Editor

Written by me.

Simple editor that allows Galaxy Wide alterations of planets with a few clicks.

Added remove uncreative from ai players (works for human players too).



Written by Unknown (didn't see the name in the readme).

Random changes to a saved game file to enhance play experience.



Written by Gonzalus.

Save game ship,planet, map and civilization editor.



Written by Unknown.

Save game planet editor.


MoO2 - Savegame Editor 0.35

Written by Dennis Preub.

Very nice saved game editor,

another one i use constantly.



Written by Unknown.

LBX and save game editor,

allows altering of any statistic of the hero's,

in either the LBX main file of the save game,user chooses.

I use it often.



Written by David Howell.

Editor for changing the race statistics of all the races,

used this one way back in 199x when i found it,

still use it.



Written by Andrey R.

Another saved game planet editor.



Written by Cannibals.

Same game randomizer,

written to make game play a better experience.



Written by Cannibals.

Editor the allows altering of the race pick costs.

Nice one.

Mod Links :

Very Difficult Choice Mod



Written by Siron.details

1.40.23 moo2 dos exe's that force the game to place 2,3,4 or 5 planets in each system,

I use them constantly.



Written by Siron.details

1.40.23 moo2 dos exe that alter's orange star properties.


v1.40.23 exe's

Collection of exe's that have vsync disabled and fast fade enabled.