Master of Orion 2 Downloads


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Official Patch :


Original patch by Microprose.

Un-Official Patches :

Patch 150 + Launcher

Fan Made patch,

Very nicely done.


Written by Lord Brazen.

Fixes Tons of bugs in the dos version,

Check here for a complete list,

I always use it.


Moo2v1.4024b Source Code

Source code for the above patcher.

Home of the 1.50 fan patch,lots of good stuff in it.


Utilities :


Written by me.

LBX and EXE editor for dos, win95 and 1.40.24+ versions.

Complete re-write of OCL_V021 by Dmitry Yulmukhametov's.

GUI program included.

Inspired by ,and added features from, Lord Brazen's oclplus.

Written in Visual Studio's 10,c++ in Windows 7 64.


oclplus v.03

Written by Lord Brazen.

LBX and EXE editor for dos and 1.40.24+ versions.



Written by Dmitry Yulmukhametov.

LBX and EXE editor for dos and win95 versions.


Moo2 Workshop

Suite of Editors for editing MoO2.

Written by Grig de Griz.


Editors :

Moo2 Saved Game Editor

Written by me.

Simple editor that allows Galaxy Wide alterations of planets with a few clicks.

Added remove uncreative from ai players (works for human players too).



Written by Unknown (didn't see the name in the readme).

Random changes to a saved game file to enhance play experience.



Written by Gonzalus.

Save game ship,planet, map and civilization editor.



Written by Unknown.

Save game planet editor.


MoO2 - Savegame Editor 0.35

Written by Dennis Preub.

Very nice saved game editor,

another one i use constantly.



Written by Unknown.

LBX and save game editor,

allows altering of any statistic of the hero's,

in either the LBX main file of the save game,user chooses.

I use it often.



Written by David Howell.

Editor for changing the race statistics of all the races,

used this one way back in 199x when i found it,

still use it.



Written by Andrey R.

Another saved game planet editor.



Written by Cannibals.

Same game randomizer,

written to make game play a better experience.



Written by Cannibals.

Editor the allows altering of the race pick costs.

Nice one.

Mod Links :

Very Difficult Choice Mod



Written by Siron.details

1.40.23 moo2 dos exe's that force the game to place 2,3,4 or 5 planets in each system,

I use them constantly.



Written by Siron.details

1.40.23 moo2 dos exe that alter's orange star properties.


v1.40.23 exe's

Collection of exe's that have vsync disabled and fast fade enabled.


Very Difficult Choice


Phase Bomb Graphics